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The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa

The third book was a little disappointing in my opinion. I was expecting an epic battle between Meghan and the false king. BUT, after going through so much fuss finding the false king, Meghan simply just decides to let him kill her?!?!? Put up some fight girl, especially when she can finally finally finally get to use her summer-iron glamour. That was purely stupid of her, assuming it was the only way to end it. I don't really get the ending too, what kind of logic is "you died saving the land, so it shall save you too". It just feel like the author is trying too hard to keep her alive. Then she should have just freaking have Meghan beat the shit out of the false king. Then maybe let Ash make the sacrifice. Cliche but that's what a knight is for right!!! And I'm kinda bored of this whole venture into the iron kingdom and kill whoever ruling it...


It would have been better if Ash died, then Meghan try to bring him back alive... Title: "The Iron Sacrifice". And Puck... His sense of humor is getting old, he just feels extra in this book. Sorry Puck. The part where they were instructed to find the clockmaker, it's stupid too. I thought the key will play a major role in the book, but guess what it's just a key-to-open-a-freaking-door. Fuggggg no need to be so literal right ahahah. It could be some key to hell/heaven, to save Ash after he died or something cooler. There isn't a strong character development in this book... And u know Ash's evil twin, i was expecting a part where he would disguise as Ash and do some evil shit but nooooooo! I need more evil in this book and more death(not a sadist).


But on the bright side, I grew to like Mab, in this book we learned that she isn't as cold hearted as she appears to be! And Meghan got to be the queen. Love the gremlin parts. And was so relieved that Ash is not giving up oh Meghan woots. Btw, isn't it obvious that the false king is Ferrum? I knew it right from the start hahahahha. We need PLOT TWIST! We need some good people/fey to turn evil or be actually evil!!! Its call necessary evil hahah whatever.