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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa

So the book started off in the winter court, where Meghan was held captive by Queen Mab. I didn't thought Meghan was really going to be treated like a prisoner, didn't thought Ash would allow it, but... u know.


Mab is generally an unreasonable bitch, so full of herself, so mean. Felt so annoyed with Mab when she kept on insisting that Meghan was lying, denying the existence of the iron kingdom. Tsktsk, she got trust issues. Another bastard, Rowan. I thought that no matter how evil he is, he would at least care for his own family. But I was wrong, he freaking killed his own brother, Sage! Sage was like the only person I liked in winter court, except for Ash of course.


So talking about Ash, he was missing in the first few chapters of the book. Ash was a jerk for leaving Meghan to fend for herself but I understand that he needed time. I love reading about star-crossed lovers though, cause it's so dramatic. Aww when Meghan was in coma and Ash beg her to wake up... my heart melted.

'Meghan, don't go. Come back to me.'

But still Ash decided that they couldn't be together after all, even after they escaped the winter court. He leave Meghan with Puck, determined to get back the lost septor on his own. 


This book plot is definitely better than the first book, I was happy that Meghan have gotten help from the Iron horse and Lean, which are both fairly interesting characters. Iron horse was such a great character, he was so loyal and honourable, he even died for Meghan, sobs.


I liked that Meghan and Ash got separated during the journey, this makes it more heart felt when they finally got together. When Ash got controlled by the Virus, I thought it was quite predictable but nonetheless I still love it. Because I know that somehow Ash would overcome the dark forces with his love for Meghan, cliché woot. 


We also discovered in this book, Meghan's ability to use iron glamour and his father! I'm so excited about her new power, and would like to see her use it more often. The parts on her father I find it a little redundant and boring.


The ending was fugging sweet. Ash literally gave up everything for her. And he didn't even expect her to do the same. Aww, but my poor Puck. Love triangle sucks, especially when it is so obvious who she would end up with. It would be better if Meghan was not so desperate for Ash.